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Analysis of exhaled breath for diagnostics

In collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich, Prof. Zenobi is developing new non-invasive methods for diagnostics. Exhaled breath is analyzed with high-resolution mass spectrometry to diagnose lung diseases and monitor drugs. Read more 


Prof. Carreira wins Karl Ziegler Guest Professorship

This year's honorary prize of the MPI Mülheim went to Prof. Carreira: During the Karl Ziegler Guest Professorship 2016 from June 7 to 9, he gave several lectures at the Max Planck Institute für Kohlenforschung and was available for discussions with the local researchers and students. Read more 


Dr. Bill Morandi amongst C&EN's 'Talented Twelve' of 2016

Dr. Bill Morandi, a former PhD student in the group of Prof. Carreira, has been selected as one of the "Talented Twelve" of 2016 by the American Chemical Society's C&EN Magazine. Read more 


Prof. Diederich receives the Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry

Prof. Diederich receives the "Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry" for his outstanding contributions to Medicinal Chemistry and the development of international organizational structures in the field. This is the most important award for Medicinal Chemistry in Europe. Read more 


Oxidized fatty acids as inflammation inhibitors

Researchers in Prof. Carreira's group have synthesized fatty acids that result from oxidative stress in the body. The laboratory variants turned out to be more potent anti-inflammatories than the natural ones, and have now been patented. Read more 

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